Consulting Services

Integrating with your organization to lead an initiative, adding executive capacity as a solo consultant, or plugging into a team of your staff and other consultants, some example project types are:

Strategic PLanning

Advising and facilitating a planning process with the board, senior leadership, staff, and stakeholders to set a shared vision for the way forward.  Defining and synthesizing the organization's key strategic goals, capabilities, assets, and theory of change.  Laying out a plan that communicates the strategy with strong organizational buy-in.

Example deliverables: 

  • Strategic plan
  • Board presentation materials
  • Implementation plan
  • Budget
  • Management dashboard


Growth Strategy and Business Modeling

Helping organizations analyze how and whether to pursue new business lines, start-ups, or market opportunities. Defining the underlying business model, revenue sources and projecting scenarios. Defining key objectives and strategic imperatives in the growth strategy to support "go/no go" decisions.


Example deliverables: 

  • Growth strategy
  • Financial scenario model
  • Business model
  • Development plan and revenue forecast
  • Annual budget

Executive on Loan

Taking on a key leadership role in operations or a line function temporarily.  Leading an initiative or implementation project to meet a goal. Filling a pivotal senior team role during a transition period (such as during an executive search or an organizational restructuring). Plugging into a senior executive team to fill a gap.                 

Example deliverables: 

  • Team leadership
  • Defined project outcomes
  • Status updates and metrics
  • Transition plan
  • Improvement recommendations


Organization Design and structure

Designing the team needed to meet strategic goals. Developing pivotal job descriptions. Setting the organization's compensation philosophy supported by salary bands, performance incentives, and benefits. Building out a performance management system for people development, setting compensation, and succession planning.

Example deliverables: 

  • Organization structure
  • Organization transition plan
  • Compensation philosophy and plan
  • Salary bands aligned to titles
  • Pivotal role descriptions
  • Performance management approach

Infrastructure strategy and scaling up

Helping start-ups and high growth organizations develop and implement strategies for back office systems and processes that can scale up.  Defining user requirements for finance, IT, HR and admin processes. Providing vendor selection and implementation support (including for HRIS and CRM).

Example deliverables: 

  • Functional infrastructure design
  • "Make" vs. "Buy" decision matrix
  • Vendor assessment and selection tools
  • Functional implementation plan


Proposal and grant Development

Developing a theory of change and structuring a compelling proposal. Identifying data and analyses to show the urgency of the core problem and how the proposal addresses it. Writing the proposal and completing grant applications that inspire decisions makers and showcase the proposing organization's unique strengths and value.

 Example deliverables: 

  • Proposal project management
  • Proposal structure and drafts
  • Completed grant applications
  • Proposal document and supporting presentation
  • Budget and budget narrative